To make the right decision, you need all the right choices. Use our compass to navigate and discover a sea of marketing media and advertising services that we provide.

Creative Concepts

What better place to find fresh concept than Idea Junction? We thrive on thinking different and hold creativity as our most valuable asset. Focusing on print advertising, IJ provides creative solutions for all below the link and above the line advertising techniques and strategic integrity.

Brand Identity

We focus on building lasting relationships between the brands and consumers. In today's brand conscious consumer markets, brand are more than logos or trademarks. They single-highhandedly define the very essence of the product and are 'personal philosophies' that connect psychologically and emotionally with consumers.

Corporate Web Design

Websites today are the face of the company and therefore need to reflect the corporate culture and brand image effectively. Out web design services are tailor-made to suite the client needs and at the same time ensure browser attention. We also do promotional campaigns on the web, electronic catalogues, emailers, and video and kiosk presentations.

Indoor /Outdoor Design Projects

IJ Outdoor from small scale projects like lamppost banners, mupis to large-scale ventures such as bridge banners, rooftops and wall banners, we get the job done with our passion for creativity and practically. IJ Indoor we do extensive showroom branding, POP Displays, ceiling banners, and decor etc.


After grasping the client’s requirements, we try to capture the very essence of their product through our lenses. We focus on advertising photography with the main purpose of staying true to the brand message of our clients and producing high quality results. We also do fashion photography, industrial photography and event coverage.

Creative Copywriting

We offer our clients copy-writing solutions for all media such as print advertisements, television or radio commercial scripts, press releases, white papers, catalogs, billboards, web content, brochures, postcards, sales letters, and other marketing communications media that reflects the client’s message to consumers effectively.